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Ahoufe has no girlfriend – Manager

The lady on social media claiming to be the girlfriend of late Tiktok star Ahoufe has been called out as not his girlfriend.

Following the death of Ahoufe, pictures of him and a lady surfaced on social media with the lady in the picture being tagged as his girlfriend.

But according to his manager, the lady in question is not the girlfriend of the late Tiktok star.In an exclusive interview with Ghpage at the family house of Ahoufe he mentioned that Ahoufe had no girlfriend stating that the lady claiming to be his girlfriend is known to them because she is a huge fan and also loved Ahoufe but they were not in a relationship.

He went on to state that Ahoufe had no known girlfriend but had a lot of female friends who hang around him because he was a celebrity.

Asked if he was making such comments because the late Ahoufe never introduced his girlfriend to him, he responded by saying he and Ahoufe share a lot of secrets and that the late Tiktoker would have told him.He further insisted that people ask for girlfriends, Ahoufe had none but he had a lot of ladies who hang around him and none of them can claim to be his girlfriend.