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Alexa Bliss, born Alexis Kaufman on August 9, 1991, in Columbus, Ohio, is an American professional wrestler and actress. She is best known for her time in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), where she has achieved significant success and recognition.

Bliss began her athletic career as a competitive bodybuilder and achieved success in various fitness competitions. She then transitioned into professional wrestling and signed with WWE in 2013. After training in WWE’s developmental system, NXT, she made her main roster debut in 2016.

Throughout her WWE career, Bliss has held multiple championships, including the WWE Raw Women’s Championship and the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship. She has been known for her unique in-ring style, combining agility, athleticism, and a blend of technical and high-flying maneuvers.

Bliss has also showcased her versatility as a performer, taking on different character roles and portraying both fan-favorite and villainous personas. Her on-screen charisma and mic skills have contributed to her popularity with audiences.

In addition to her wrestling career, Bliss has made appearances in various television shows and films. She has appeared in WWE Studios productions, including “The Marine 5: Battleground” (2017) and “Rumble” (2022).

Bliss has been open about her personal struggles, including her experiences with an eating disorder and mental health challenges. She has used her platform to raise awareness and support for mental health initiatives.

Outside of wrestling, Bliss is also involved in philanthropic efforts. She has supported organizations such as Connor’s Cure, a charitable initiative for pediatric cancer research, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Alexa Bliss’s success in WWE, coupled with her versatility and dedication to her craft, has made her one of the prominent figures in women’s professional wrestling. Her accomplishments in the ring, her presence on screen, and her advocacy for mental health have solidified her status as a respected and influential figure in the industry.

Pictures of Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss Annual Net Worth

Alexa Bliss’s annual net worth has been consistently high. Her wealth has increased year after year, and all indications suggest that this trend will continue.

Alexa Bliss’s professional wrestling career began in 2013. Since then, she has started each year with a $400k annual net worth. After one year, her annual income had risen to $600,000. This year she made millions alongside other wrestlers like Summer Rae.

She has earned almost $1 million in the past year between salary, bonuses, and other compensation. Between the years 2021 and 2023, her wealth increased to $2.6 million.

Written by Alan Steppe

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