Biometric Visitor Management System

Visitor management involves welcoming visitors and employees into your premises and managing their presence. Registration, sign-in, and check-in are some parts of the overall biometric visitor management process. Additional elements include:

  • Security, safety and arrival notifications
  • Tracking and acceptance of compliance regulations

All these parts and elements are unique to a specific building, facility, organization, and industry, as well as visitor/employee situations.

What is Biometric Visitor Management?

Biometric visitor management includes capturing, registering, signing in and tracking visitors or employees using biometric data such as fingerprints, iris, face, and facial. It’s a digital version of the traditional sign-in book.

A visitor management system is a vital tool that helps individuals and organizations manage their visitors and employees effectively. The system allows them to create and carry out guest or employee management policies.

As businesses and individuals discover the numerous benefits of a biometric visitor management system, most of them are upgrading from the traditional paper and pen sign-in books/sheets to digital solutions that provide them with the opportunity to do more.

How Does a Visitor Management System Work?

A biometric guest visitor management solution features three stages, which include the following:

  • Visitor sign-in: When employees or guests arrive, they enter their details, such as fingerprints, iris, face image, and name and then sign in digitally.
  • The employee receives a notification about their visitor instantly: The visitor management software alerts the correct worker instantly that their guest has arrived shortly.
  • The worker receives the visitor: The employee already knows who to welcome and greet in the lobby, eliminating awkward meetings.

Benefits of a Biometric Visitor Management System

There are multiple benefits to owning a biometric guest management solution on your premises. It ensures you, your employees, and your business are safe and compliant. Additional benefits are:

  • Use the latest technology to automate repetitive tasks saving time and money
  • Can handle more guests daily
  • Help upgrade the reception workforce to meet customer needs and requirements and implement the real human-touch element of service
  • Eliminates false guest information
  • Helps recognize returning guests instantly

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