“Cash out unavailable” – Fans jubilate as Achraf Hakimi’s wife reportedly ordered by court to give half of her $3 million wealth to the player

Ashraf Hakimi

It is set to be a double loss for Hiba Abouk, the wife of PSG and Moroccan defender, Achraf Hakimi as she has reportedly been ordered to give half of her net worth to the ex-husband according to a report by Intel Region.

Yesterday, the 24-year-old football sensation took over global trends after his ex-wife failed to get a divorce payout following a divorce application she filed against the footballer over allegations of infidelity.

She approached the court to seek the dissolution of their marriage and demanded half the football star’s property in a divorce settlement, however, it was discovered that he had no assets.

After she took her footballer husband to court, she expected to get an equal share of his €70 million net worth upon separation, but she was informed that documents showed all of his assets belonged to his mother rather.

According to 24\7 news, “Ashraf Hakimi’s wife had taken the court for a divorce case and wanted them to separate the assets and divide them in court.

When the divorce took place and they agreed to share the assets, they realized Ashraf Hakimi had no assets and neither did the bank. Ashraf Hakimi had put all his fortune in his mother’s name a long time ago.”

Achraf Hakimi’s ex-wife, Hiba Abouk is a Spanish model and an actress. She has featured in various television series in Spain including Fátima on El Príncipe and Candela on Con el Culo al Aire. Her net worth is about $3 million.

This report could be false hence we are digging deep for more evidence. Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

Following the yet-to-be-authenticated report that Hiba has been ordered to split her wealth with the soccer star, some social media users have taken to the internet to rejoice.

Below are some of the popular-hilarious comments gathered under the trending story…

Cindy Smith Ghana players should learn from this smart guy and his mum. they think the white women love them they only marry them because of their wealth then years later they file for divorce to get half of their assets

Fiifi SamKudus Mohammad wherever you are, I hope you have a pen and paper and taking notes. Some of Eve’s daughters make wild ooo. A word to the wise…

Arvo Morkeh Justice has been served,.The woman want wealth from the man but it turns to her ,to share of what she rather has gained.

Janet Angie Quarshie Aww Uncle Odartey Lamtey be strong waii.l believe you will be looking back because of this news.The good men don’t always get good women.

Nana Daystar Comrade  The great one, Almighty nana we bow to u …The organization is really proud of u. From now on you are promoted straight to Presidoo

Askia A. Clinton Hakimi was smart but at least she gave him companionship so he shd sign a cheque for her as payback and let her take her assets in full.That’s a gentleman thing to do

Frank Lukas Jr.Achraf Hakimi and his sweet mum should be studied in our various universities

Written by Timothy Egger

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