Davido makes first public comment on son’s death (VIDEO)

Five months after the sad event, Davido has finally spoken out about the loss of his son.
On October 31, 2023, it was reported that the Nigerian singer’s son perished in the family’s Lagos home’s private pool.
“They pulled him out of the water and rushed him to the hospital,” a family member said. They hurried him to Lagoon Hospital, but by the time they got there, it was too late,” the anonymous person continued.
In light of the devastating news, Davido has abandoned his social media accounts and put his singing business on hold. After hearing that he would be performing at the 2022 World Cup closing celebration in Doha, Qatar, Davido made an unusual return to social media.

He has returned to social media and resumed his job, and in doing so, he has made his first public remark about his death.

There is a right moment and a wrong time for everything. There is a time for mourning and a time for healing. There is a time for humor and a time for jiving. There is a time for talking and a time for listening. Davido expressed gratitude to his fans for “holding me down” with their affection and support.

Sharing the update on social media, he wrote, “All the love and texts while I was gone, the presents sent, the performances you all gave! Thank you very much.

Seizing the opportunity, he declared, “Today, I want to remind you all that what is now timeless was once new.” This was the introduction to his new musical endeavor. In other words, the time has come for the brand new. On March 31st, I release my new record, titled Timeless. A URL to pre-download the file is provided in the description.

Here is the video that went along with Davido’s statement. In it, he talks about his struggles and gives fans a taste of his new music.

Source: TwinkleTag.com