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Everything you need to know about Catherine de Medici children

Catherine de’ Medici, a prominent figure in European history, was an Italian noblewoman who became the Queen consort of France through her marriage to King Henry II. She played a significant role in the politics and affairs of the French court during the 16th century. Catherine and Henry II had ten children together:

Francis II of France: Born on January 19, 1544, Francis II became the King of France in 1559 after the death of his father, Henry II. However, his reign was short-lived, as he passed away on December 5, 1560.

Elizabeth of Valois: Born on April 2, 1545, Elizabeth married Philip II of Spain in 1559 and became the Queen consort of Spain. She passed away on October 3, 1568.Claude of Valois: Born on November 12, 1547, Claude was known for her poor health, and she died on February 21, 1575, at the age of 27.Louis of Valois: Born on February 3, 1549, Louis was the Duke of Orléans but passed away at the age of 18 on October 24, 1550.

Charles IX of France: Born on June 27, 1550, Charles IX succeeded his brother Francis II as King of France and ruled from 1560 to 1574.

Henry III of France: Born on September 19, 1551, Henry III became the King of France in 1574 after the death of his brother Charles IX.

Margaret of Valois: Born on May 14, 1553, Margaret, also known as Margot, is famous for her involvement in the St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre. She married Henry III of Navarre (later Henry IV of France).

Hercules of Valois: Born on June 18, 1555, Hercules was the Duke of Anjou and Alençon. He passed away on June 19, 1584.

Victoria of Valois: Born on June 24, 1556, Victoria died in infancy on August 17, 1556.

Joan of Valois: Born and died on April 24, 1558.

Catherine de’ Medici’s children played significant roles in the political and dynastic struggles of their time, with some becoming monarchs and influencing the course of history in both France and Spain.