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Everything you need to know about Diane Downs children

Diane Downs is an American woman who was convicted of the attempted murder of her three children in 1983. The incident occurred on May 19, 1983, on a rural road in Oregon. Diane Downs shot her three children, Cheryl (7), Christie (8), and Danny (3), while they were in her car.

After the shooting, Diane claimed that a stranger had attacked her and her children, but the evidence and her inconsistent statements led investigators to suspect her involvement. Cheryl was killed in the shooting, and Christie and Danny survived but suffered significant injuries.

Diane Downs was arrested and stood trial for the crimes. In 1984, she was convicted of murder and attempted murder and sentenced to life in prison plus 50 years. She has maintained her innocence, but her conviction has been upheld over the years, and she remains incarcerated.

Christie and Danny, the surviving children, were adopted by the prosecutor in the case and have tried to move on with their lives. The tragic incident remains a chilling and infamous case in criminal history.