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Fameye: Ghanaian Music Star Buys Porridge For GH¢3, Complains Of Hardship In Video

Ghanaian music star Fameye bought GH¢3 worth of porridge and was not satisfied with the quantity he was served The musician, in a lighthearted manner, lamented about how hard Ghana was and showed the porridge, which was in a transparent plastic flat bag The funny video got folks laughing as they shared the same sentiments with Fameye and recounted similar experiencesGhanaian music sensation, Fameye, has been caught on camera lamenting about the quality and quantity of koko he purchased in the streets of Accra. The “Praise” hitmaker took to social media to share his hilarious experience with his teeming fans. In a lighthearted manner, Fameye expressed his disappointment at the small koko he was served despite paying GH¢3 for it. The renowned musician could not hide his dissatisfaction with the quantity of the local porridge he was served. The hilarious video has since gone viral, with thousands sharing the same sentiments as Fameye. The footage showed the “Notin I Get” hitmaker holding the transparent plastic flat bag containing the koko and lamenting about the hardship in Ghana. As the video continued, Fameye could be seen inspecting the bag’s contents and making fun of the amount of koko he was served. The funny video has attracted many reactions from social media users, who recounted similar experiences with local food vendors in Ghana.