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Freda Rhymz left my label because she was impatient – D Black

Owner of Black Avenue Muzik Desmond Blackmore, also known as D-Black, has spoken about Freda Rhymz leaving his company.During an interview with Jay Forley on 3Music TV, the rapper and businessman talked about Freda’s leaving.

He claimed that the teenage rapper and songwriter from Ghana was impatient.

Following the recording of a video and the use of responses from the public to carry out the plan, he revealed there was a strategy for all the artists on Black Avenue Muzik.Dahlin Gage, Freda, and Sefa—in that order—were the people who received more focus, according to D-Black.

After that, he decided that since Sefa had received so much attention, it would be best to commence with her project. It was necessary to follow Gage and Freda.

According to the head of Black Avenue Muzik, Freda Rhymz informed him she couldn’t wait for more than a year or two for her turn.

They later decided to separate ways, he claimed.