Ghanaian Lady Screams In Pain While Being Given Tattoo On Her Chest, Social Media Reacts

A young lady from Ghana was observed wailing in pain while receiving a tattoo. She had gone to get the tattoo done. It appeared that the piece of artwork that was being imprinted on her chest was from a different batch than the one that she had already received on her thigh. People on the internet are perplexed as to why she went ahead and got a tattoo despite the fact that she was obviously unable to tolerate the agony. A video of a young woman from Ghana who appeared to be in a great deal of pain while receiving a tattoo has gone viral, especially on Twitter and TikTok. In the video that was first uploaded to TikTok by the user @frimpongmillicen6, the woman in question appeared to have already had one session of tattooing performed on the right side of her thigh. The appearance of her calf suggested that its surface was oiled and shiny and that it bore the imprint of a significant work of art. The footage was shot while she was in the process of getting another one tattooed on her chest. She continued to wail, and as a consequence, she was very close to crying. Following the video’s meteoric rise in popularity across social media platforms, there was a flood of commentary from users. The following is a compilation of some of the discussed ideas.


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Written by Siraj

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