Hajia Bintu sells sugar daddy-attracting love charms to young women, and Medikal’supports’ her business

Rapper, AMG Medikal has strongly shown his support for Hajia Bintu amidst the calls from social media users for the socialite to be sanctioned for promoting products that have not been vetted and approved by the FDA.
In a video from the camp of the star TikToker that went rife on social media and raised eyebrows in the process – Hajia Bintu encouraged young ladies to go in for sugar daddies or young rich men because she has ‘Do As I Say’ charms that will play a vital role in their relationship.

As seen in the video, Hajia Bintu was marketing a product she believes has the power to control men when women use it on their foreheads and other parts of their bodies.

Some of these products were labelled “Fuck and Stay,” “Do As I Want,” “Love and Stay,” etc., and all these, according to her, would help ladies get what they wanted from men after manipulating them.

This landed her in a severe mess as she was heavily lambasted for advertising the charm products to the ladies which has a large effect of breaking homes.

Social media users who have come across the video have expressed their complete disappointment in the socialite who once claimed that she works hard to finance her luxurious lifestyle.

However, Medikal insists Ghanaians should leave Hajia Bintu alone because she did nothing wrong and she’s just doing business.

According to the rapper, Hajia is only promoting her products like any other business person and besides she hasn’t pointed a gun to the head of anyone to buy from her.

Allow Hajia Bintu to do her business, if you no go buy the product just pass..

Written by Timothy Egger

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