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Harold Amenyah Shares How Alpha Hour Was A Key Factor In Their Love Story, Video Drops

Ghanaian actor Harold Amenyah opened up about how he met his wife Irene Amenyah and how the famous online prayer group Alpha Hour paved the way to her heart.

In a recent YouTube video of the couple, Mr Amenyah shared how after countless efforts to get Irene to give him her phone number, he finally got it from a mutual friend of hers.

Narrating how they met, he said that he came into contact with her at a friend’s party. He said that when he got home, he sent her a message informing her he was home and that he got her number from a mutual friend.

However, she responded hours later with a link to the online prayer meeting dubbed Alpha Hour.

“I was like… Okay, you are meeting the person for the first time. And they are sending you a link to a prayer meeting? I was like… Okay, what is this thing?”

Harold explained that Irene’s constant late response to his text messages did not deter him from pursuing her, but rather, he made an effort to join her for Alpha Hour anytime she sent him a link.

Watch the full video below of The Amenyahs’ love story.