Here’s Why TikTok’s New Comment Dislikes Don’t Seem to Be Helpful to Creators

A hate option is now available for video comments on TikTok, however it’s not really for users.

TikTok gets its fair share of unfavorable comments, just like any other public social media network, but it has been working on a dislike button to (in theory) make spotting unwanted remarks a bit simpler. Hitting the dislike button won’t make the offensive remarks go away, either.

The new button, which is a stylized “thumbs-down,” sits next to the heart-shaped “Like” button and is comparable to buttons with similar functionality on other platforms.

The goal, according to the TikTokComms Twitter account, is to provide the community with a more direct method of mass-sharing criticism of the site. TikTok said it will utilize comments on what is “irrelevant or unsuitable” to “promote a comment area for true and honest connections.”

The amount of dislikes won’t be displayed, and comments that have received them won’t be deleted (until they’re reported and determined to be meriting it, apparently). For the time being, at least, TikTok has stated that it just plans to use this as a measure to look at in order to provide its community a “better experience.”

The business hasn’t explained what this enhanced experience entails or how it would use hate data specifically. Does it require a minimum amount of comments before it takes dislikes seriously? Will TikTok itself delete comments that receive enough negative feedback? Is there a procedure in place if a remark receives an unjust or inaccurate majority dislike? We don’t currently know.

Although a more specific timeline hasn’t been given, dislikes for TikTok comments are now rolling out through a global release.