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I Am In A Serious Relationship And I Am Faithful To Him – Hajia Bintu Reveals

When Hajia Bintu came on the Delay Show over the weekend, she was transparent about her relationship status.
The Ghanaian socialite claims she is in a committed relationship and accessible for mixing. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Hajia Bintu rose to fame. Her Snapchat posts about her wild curves and the things she carries behind her went viral.Since then, Hajia Bintu has emerged as a hot commodity, but any man thinking of shooting her should be sad because she is beyond range.

Hajia Bintu has stated that she now resides in Adjiringano and drives a 4-wheel Benz vehicle with three bedrooms. Delay questioned whether she had a wealthy man funding her lifestyle since he was curious about how she pays for her opulent lifestyle.
Ms. Bintu, 24, said she has a serious boyfriend. She replied, “He is ok,” to Delay’s subsequent question, “Is he rich?” and disclosed that the aforementioned lover had been helping her.

The TikTok actress stated that her man is unmarried and claimed they are not dating for financial reasons. Hajia Bintu, however, has not provided any other information regarding her partner.