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I don’t mind marrying a man above 60 years old- 32-year-old actress Linda John says

There is nothing wrong with marrying a significantly elder man, according to Nigerian actress Linda John. She added that she could have a family with someone older than sixty as long as she loved him.

Linda asserted that older relationships are better because, in her experience, they frequently endure longer than younger ones in an interview with The Sun.

The 32-year-old actress maintained, however, that the older person she was dating had to meet several criteria, including being considerate, responsible, and sensitive.

She said; “When it comes to marriage, age is just a number. I have seen younger marriages break up in less than a year and I have seen older marriages last longer.

“So, yes I can marry someone above 60 that is mature at heart, kind and sensitive. When the heart beats in the right direction, everything falls in place.”

In other news, a married woman devised a clever scheme to deal ruthlessly with the mistresses of her husband.

According to reports, the woman going by the name Sugar Joy Ogah created a WhatsApp group and invited all of her husband’s numerous side chics onto the platform, warning them to stay away from him or face her wrath.

In a leaked audio shared online, the livid woman could be heard warning those who did not recognize the man she was referring to as she shared a photo of herself and her husband.

The side chics reportedly took offence and criticized her for it because they had been shocked by her blatant effrontery. Others insisted they wouldn’t abandon him, while others berated her and her husband, claiming he isn’t even that valuable.

Here in this report, we have shared one of the many audio files released to substantiate the report.