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I lost lead role for refusing to sleep with the man in charge – Actress Ruby Ojiakor

The Nigerian actor thought that when she turned down his advances, it wouldn’t matter because they had already started filming, but Ojiakor says that they replaced her in later scenes.

Speaking in an interview, the pretty actress revealed that she was cast alongside Ghanaian star Majid Michel, and he was paid extra to reshoot the same scenes with someone else.

Ruby said, “I remember when I was called for a job in Enugu, and we shot it for two days. I was supposed to be the female lead character in the movie.

The marketer who owned the job wanted to ‘get down’ with me. But, I told him I could not do such a thing. I thought that since I had already started shooting some scenes for the movie, nothing could be done to me and he could not cancel my scenes, which I shot with Ghanaian actor Majid Michel then.

I also felt Majid would not want to reenact the scenes he had done before. Those factors made me think that the producer’s decision to change me would be fruitless.

But to my surprise, I was not called to continue my scenes. When I challenged the production manager, he said I should not be angry because someone else had been called to play the role. I was not given any reason for being removed from that project.

I asked if Majid agreed to reshoot those scenes, and I was told he was paid extra money to do so. That was how I lost a movie role because I refused to sleep with the owner of the movie. The scenes I had already shot were wiped out from that movie.

That was a painful experience, but I have moved on. I don’t think anything can be done to stop sexual advances from filmmakers.

Some people have tried to report them, but it has not yielded any positive results. When an actress reports an offender, she is practically setting herself up for a fall.

The offenders know themselves, and if one person reports any of them, they will gang up against that actress in the industry, and she will not be getting movie roles. It is just like a cartel. The best thing is to train oneself and be firm enough that even if others are doing it, one will not. That was what I did.”