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I prayed to God before I was able to ‘do it’ with my wife the first time- Catholic priest who’s now married speaks

Reverend Canon Charles Amankwah, a Ghanaian cleric who spent 17 years as a Catholic priest before converting to the Anglican faith, has talked about how difficult it was for him to get married and make love to his wife the first time.

Taking his turn on Oheneyere Gifty Anti produced StandPoint with his wife, Rev Canon Amankwah told viewers how he shunned his own beliefs and doctrines because of a woman.

It emerged during the interview that the couple has been married for the past ten years after the man of God departed the Catholic church and moved to the Anglican church.

He had previously served as the Holy Trinity Parish’s assistant parish priest in Agormanya, in the Eastern Region. Later, he was chosen to serve as the parish priest of St. Barbara Parish in Akosombo, Eastern Region.

According to rumours, Rev. Amankwah made the decision to quit the Catholic church because he started a prayer ministry and its actions did not follow the creed of the organization.

He admitted that after leaving the Catholic faith, it was difficult for him to show his love for Ruth, a teacher and mother of three and that his father had to court her on his behalf.

“Proposal was difficult. I couldn’t propose to my wife, it was my father who proposed to Ruth for me,” Rev Amankwah recalled.

The couple said they had not gotten intimate before their marriage which is now nine years old and counting.

Just like it was hard for Rev Amankwah to profess his love to Ruth, he said when the time came to get intimate, it was tough as well, and the first night was remarkable.

“My first night as a married man was not easy. I just couldn’t imagine going naked before my wife. I had to pray to muster the courage to have canal knowledge of my wife. And since then, anytime we’re going to have an affair, I pray before the act,” he disclosed.