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I regret not giving my mother a grandchild – Ahuofe Patri

Actress Ahuofe Patri has opened up about her regrets over how she wasn’t able to give her late mother a child before her demise.
A few months after the demise of her mother, Ahuofe Patri opened up about some regrets during an interview with Graphic Showbiz. According to Ahuofe Patri, her mother had always wanted to hold her child, but unfortunately, that never happened when death snatched her at a time they least expected.

“Maybe I should have also given birth early, just like my mom did, considering that I was the only child and now she is gone. If I knew she was not going to live for long, I would have done that,” she said.

“My mom gave birth to me at an early age, so it was quite difficult for people to know she was my mother. I related to my mother like a big sister, and we did everything together. I shared with her my problems, and she also told me everything I needed to know.” We shared a strong bond, and the love that existed between us was so deep.

“I am never going to find another mother who cared so much for me because she was everything to me,” she stated.