Friday, April 19, 2024
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“I spent alot on this date, you must follow me home” – Youngman tells lady after so much on her

A Nigerian lady has shared her conversation with a big boy from Lagos who demanded that she follow him to his house after they went out on a date.
The lady claims that she and the man recently spent time together at his request at an undisclosed place in Lagos.

But after the date, he insisted she go home with him because he had spent so much money on the hangout. Taking to her TikTok page, she shared a video recording of the conversation that ensued in his car but concealed their faces.

In the video, the man is heard asking the lady to come over to his place since he had apparently spent a lot on their date and had the feeling that they both connected pretty well.

The lady, however, declined, noting that they were just getting to know each other.

Sharing the video online, she captioned it,

“You went out on a date with a Lagos guy, but he expects you to follow him home.” Wait, is this thing even a thing? You asked me out, on your own; it’s not like I proposed the date; must I follow you home? I want to know if I am thinking wrong because I don’t understand”. Apparently, most ladies intentionally request the most expensive meal and drink on the menu anytime they go on dates, and because of this, most guys also use that to their advantage by demanding they go home with them after the hangout.