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“I still love you” – Lady tells her boyfriend who brutalized and destroyed her face in the process

Attachment issues are insanely draining, sometimes it doesn’t occur to you the decision you are taking at that moment until you detach.
She knows better than to stay collecting punches but the fear of not finding something better or different is holding her back.

These are the type of people no matter the advice you give to them, they will never leave until they are ready mentally on their own. Such behaviour sprung from abandonment.

A young Nigerian lady has taken to the internet to share a video of her brutalized face.Although, this lady is suffering both physically and mentally in her relationship but the thought of leaving her boyfriend has never crossed her mind.

In this video which has stirred numerous reactions online, the lady who has been mercilessly beaten by her boyfriend showed off her damaged face and insisted that she’ll never leave her man notwithstanding the number of times he beats her.

She captioned the fast-trending video which has received several angry reactions from social media users as ‘I still love you baby’ while showing her brutalized face with blood stains to the whole world.

Watch the video below to know more