I used to be a thief when growing up – Moses OK

Gospel musician Moses Osei Kwarteng known well as Moses OK has shared his past and some of the social vices he did while growing up as a child.
According to Moses OK, he used to have bad friends when he was growing up as a child which led him in stealing petty things.According to him, he stayed with his grandmother when he was growing up but she had several people that she was taking care of, hence, got very little attention as a child, which allowed him to associate with bad friends and led him to steal.

Speaking in an interview with TV XYZ, Moses OK stated that he became addicted to stealing to the point where he was not paying for food that he used to buy.

“I was staying with my grandmom and she was having a lot of children and grandsons…I knew God has called me but I was diverted because of friends and how the family.

“So, the kind of friends that I met at the time led me to steal…yes, I was stealing, those times when people park their cars then we go and steal from it. They had a certain name for me for doing that job.“I go inside the car and steal money, mostly under the carpet of the driver. So, it got to a point where I became very skillful, to the extent that I was buying food without paying,” he narrated.

Source: TwinkleTag.com