I was detained at the airport in Germany for smuggling – Ernest Opoku recounts

Ernest Opoku, a gospel musician, has told the story of how he was caught smuggling at the airport in Germany.
According to the gospel artist, when he was traveling, he had an issue with the German Immigration Officers, who suspected him of smuggling hard drugs.
“I remember I was traveling to Germany, and when I got to their airport, I was told there was footwear (a long boot) they suspected had some hidden items in it. I didn’t also know who kept it in my bag.”

“It was my own luggage, which I packed myself. They told me there was a shoe in your bag, and I said I had no idea about it.” Ernest Opoku narrated an interview on Sompa FM in Kumasi.

He disclosed how one of the officers opened his luggage and took out a shoe they suspected had hard drugs hidden in them.

Ernest Opoku revealed that one of the officers went for all his belongings that his colleague had taken from him and told him to leave without waiting for the search and scanning to be completed.

“Eventually, when they opened, there was a shoe, but surprisingly, it wasn’t a pair. So they detained me, cut the shoe into pieces, and scanned it in their machine. It was at that point that I said to God, “You know all my needs and all that I’m coming into this country to do, so don’t let my enemies rejoice”, he narrated.
“While I was singing the song, one of them, who had come for his evening shift, inquired about my problem, and I told him they came for my luggage. He quickly entered the room, brought all my bags, and asked me to leave immediately because they were about to close.” Ernest Opoku recounted

Source: TwinkleTag.com