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I Will Never Allow Money Or Fame Ruin My Marriage – Piesie Esther

One of Ghana’s favorite gospel musicians,Piesie Esther, has vowed to never allow money issues destroy her relationship with her manager/husband.
The “Way3 Me Yie’ hitmaker was responding to questions filed by Roland Walker and Berla Mundi on TV3’s “New Day” about how she handles her personal and work relationship with her spouse.

Piesie Esther said that she had done a good self-evaluation and realized that the two can work professionally and still have a healthy marriage.

“We know that all these things have been affecting a lot of people, so I have assessed myself and realized I and my husband can do it,” she opened up.

She continued, “I have had self introspection and decided that money shouldn’t be a problem between me and my manager/husband.”

The gospel minister, who has snagged seven nominations at the upcoming Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, agreed that it was not always rosy as they were humans and disagreed from time to time.

“There are times, as humans, when we don’t agree on certain issues and we argue it out. It’s not all rosy as it may seem,” she said.

Piesie Esther, who recently celebrated her 20th anniversary in ministry, opined that as a wife, one should know their limit in relation to their husband, who doubles as a manager on certain issues.

“One thing is that you should know your limit as a wife when faced with conflict, you don’t need to arrogate yourself as a boss but rather humble yourself,” she added.

Piesie Esther and her husband, Mr. Enoch Asiedu, have been married for over fourteen years, and the union has been blessed with four children.