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I would’ve been aimless in life if I never became a musician – Kweku Flick

Sensational artist, Andy Osei Sarfo popularly known as Kweku Flick has opined that he would have been aimless if he hadn’t pursued music.
In an interview with Amansan Krakye, the money hitmaker stated that he wouldn’t have known what to do with his life if he didn’t do music.“I’m not sure I can ever stop doing music because music has helped me and if not for music I wouldn’t know what I’ll be doing right now.”“Because I don’t know whether I’ll become a Doctor, Police or Bank Manager since I didn’t have any other profession in mind that I was eager to do,” he said.

Kweku Flick disclosed that he didn’t think about any profession while in school as others did but after his education, he developed a passion for music.

He continued “At the beginning, it was only about going to school until I got the passion for music so as for music even if I stop doing it I’ll have done myself a great disservice.“I can do a lot of side businesses alongside music but to quit music entirely is something that I’ll never contemplate on it because I can’t stop,” he ended on Property FM’s showbiz program in Cape Coast.