I’m too lazy to visit salons —Ahuofe Patri reveals why still rocks short hair after 11 years

The former main character of the Boys Kasa skit, Ahuofe Patri, has revealed why she has been rocking the same hairstyle for the past eleven years.

Ascribing a bizarre reason for her penchant for the trademark short hair that has inevitably become her brand, the actress said she feels too lazy to walk into any saloon to get her hair done.

Ahoufe Patri, real name Priscilla Opoku Agyemang, admitted that although she is aware that she will look wonderful in weave-ons, wigs, and other hairstyles, she simply lacks the time to sit at a salon and get her hair done.

 “It’s just laziness. I feel too lazy to do my hair. When I see women sporting wigs, braids, etc., I really admire them, but finding the time to get mine done is the problem. I would rather spend the time taking a good nap than fixing my hair,” she said.

Shifting the focus to other facets during the interview, Ahuofe Patri talks about how people without morals are celebrated in our part of the world.

Although she wouldn’t mention names, the actress, who buried her mother about a month ago, said, “We sometimes celebrate mediocrity, and I wonder why. There are so many individuals we celebrate in Ghana who we shouldn’t.                                     

“You hear and see them insult people all over the place, yet these are the people we celebrate. I don’t see the impact they have on society, yet we celebrate and give them all the attention they don’t deserve. Sometimes, it hurts me so much, but what can I do?” she said. 


Written by Siraj

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