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She is well-known in the United States as an entrepreneur, a media personality, a celebrity spouse, and an Internet personality. In addition, she is a media personality in the United States. Her ex-husband, the well-known tennis instructor Richard Williams, was formerly her spouse. Because she was formerly married to him, she has a lot of name recognition.
Richard had previously stated that Lakeisha was only using his life as a game to play with. She wed him in order to have access to his financial resources. After she had sex with him, she went behind his back and forged his signature without informing him about it. Only Dylan William is a member of their family at this time.
On the other side, William claims that Graham has a new lover who is a genuine crook. William’s claims are supported by the evidence. It has been reported that Graham is seeing this new guy.


1979 was the year when she entered the world in the nation of the United States of America. She is 45 years old at this point (as of 2024). Her full name is Lakeisha Juanita Graham. Lakeisha is the middle name. There is no information available that can be relied upon concerning Graham’s brother and sister. In any event, her ancestry is of the Afro-American culture, and Christianity is her primary faith. She completed her elementary education in a school in the neighborhood. After that, in preparation for her high school graduation, she enrolled in a prestigious institution. The information regarding her particular qualifications, such as they are, is not readily available to the general public.


Lakeisha is a woman that puts in a lot of effort every day since she manages a grocery store. In this store, she is in charge of storing all of the different types of fruits and vegetables. Because of her extensive expertise in the subject, Lakeisha Graham has been proposed for a position as a media figure on the internet. In addition to that, she has always been an entrepreneur throughout her whole life.

Lakeisha Graham has not been seen or heard from since the 20th of April, 2017, when she borrowed her mother’s car to go to an establishment located in the neighborhood. The dates ranging from the time she went missing till the present day indicate that she is not in the specific location where we can point it out. We have no choice but to believe that she is not in any kind of danger after hearing from the police.

Age and Date of Birth

1979 is the year of Lakeisha’s birth. That brings her age up to 45 at this point (according to the year 2024). She is a highly active lady despite the fact that she is getting on in years.


Lakeisha Graham is a woman who is married, and her husband Richard Williams is a well-known figure. 2010 was the year that the pair tied the knot. Some accounts claim that Lakeisha’s car registration was found in William’s house in 2009, which is the year that the couple started dating.

On the other side, William is married to Lakeisha, who is his third wife. In 1980, he wed Oracene Price, an American tennis instructor. Prior to that, he was married to another woman. She has a total of six children: Isha Price, Lyndrea Price, Serena Williams, and Venus Williams. Yetunde Price is her youngest child. Their marriage, on the other hand, did not survive very long, and in 2002 they got a divorce.

Oracene’s first marriage was to Yusef Rasheed, but the couple divorced in 1979 for a variety of reasons. Oracene later remarried. In 1965, following his divorce from Oracene, he wed Betty Johnson, who would become his second wife. However, in 1973, they divorced, putting an end to their marriage. People have the impression that she is trying to get a divorce so that she can take William’s property by falsifying William’s signature on several documents. Since the year 2016, Dylan, their son, has been receiving all of his upbringing from William. In addition to this, he stated that she had recently begun dating a psychopath. As of the year 2019, there is no specific information that has been made public on her new lover.

Height and Weight

In relation to her physical attributes, she possesses a one-of-a-kind and interesting personality. Lakeisha Graham has a height of about 5 feet 6 inches and a body weight of approximately 54 kilos. She maintains a healthy body form and seems like she takes care of herself. Her hair is jet black, and she has eyes that are a very dark brown.

Wiki Summary

Name Lakeisha Graham
Age45 years
Date of Birth1979
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Internet Personality.
Net Worth$ 1- 2 million
Height5 feet 6 inches

Net Worth

According to the various sources, Lakeisha has an estimated net worth of between one and two million United States dollars. In light of the various professional personas she maintains and the revenue she brings in, she maintains an extravagant way of life. Aside from that, her ex-husband assists her through all of the financial ups and downs whenever she is in need of financial assistance.

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