Lexi Hidalgo – Bio, New Videos, Photos, Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Name and Boyfriend, Height

Lexi Hidalgo is one of the most effective members on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter, she is very beautiful and very serious about giving memorable joy to her fans. Below are facts of her biography, relationship, height & weight, net worth, age, country of origin and more.


When you love what you do, then you do it best.Lexi Hidalgo Puts all of herself in entertaining people by giving out the best she could. However, this seems to be working for her. She has about 20 million times of views on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. She hails from United State of America and now has fans all around the globe who loves her for what she does best.Lexi Hidalgo can be said to be wealthy based on her had work and will be wealthier in the future as she continues to work harder to entertain her followers.

Wiki fact table of Lexi Hidalgo

Name/UsernameLexi Hidalgo
Date of BirthDecember 30, 2000
Age22 years(2022)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Height5 feet,9 inches
Eye Color
Hair ColorBlonde
Net worth$250k-$500k

Career of Lexi Hidalgo

There is no better way of making money from doing what you love to do best right? Well, that is what Lexi Hidalgo is actually doing.  She is a social media star with 573k followers on Instagram and 998 Twitter followers and 2m followers on TikTok running behind her. Her work has given her some good amount of wealth.

Country of origin of Lexi Hidalgo

Just like how other stars raise the flag of their country very high, Lexi Hidalgo is from the United State of America and she is a proud American and she is also raising the flag of her country high.

Hobbies of Lexi Hidalgo

Everyone likes to do something for fun right? Well, Lexi Hidalgo likes to have fun with friends, take photos to catch the eyes of her fans on social media, watch movies and more.

Social media account of Lexi Hidalgo

This day and age many stars always do well to make themselves available on social media so be able to stay closer and engage with their fans. Check below to see the social media platform Lexi Hidalgo is available on.

Social MediaAccount

Date of birth and age of Lexi Hidalgo

Your favorite star DOB is December 30, 2000. Her age now is 22 years(2022).


Lexi Hidalgo promises to keep giving us great entertainment with her beauty. Her views on Instagram and Twitter keeps increasing and probably she will have more features with other stars to give you more viewing states. Maybe you should tell your friends about Lexi Hidalgo to view her skills too.

Frequently Asked Questions of Lexi Hidalgo

What is the nationality of Lexi Hidalgo?

The country that Lexi Hidalgo hails from is United State of America and her nationality obviously is an American.

What is the relationship status of Lexi Hidalgo?

How do we know the relationship status of ? Well, this can only be known if she stated it any where. However, her relationship status is unknown.

How old is Lexi Hidalgo?

Her date of birth is December 30, 2000. Her age now is 22 years(2022).

What is the height and weight of Lexi Hidalgo?

Her height and weight are 5 feet, 9 inches and 59 kg.

What is the Instagram account of Lexi Hidalgo?

Her Instagram account is lexxhidalgo.

What is the Twitter account of Lexi Hidalgo?

Her Twitter account is @lexxhidalgo.

What is the TikTok account of Lexi Hidalgo?

Her TikTok account is lexxhidalgo.