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Luna Okko, a skilled adult actress who is of white ethnicity, was born on 4th December, 1994, in the France. She has become well-known in the adult entertainment industry due to her captivating presence and undeniable talent.

Her journey as an adult actress is a testament to her fearlessness and confidence in fully embracing her sexuality. She has worked hard to perfect her skills, giving performances that truly captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact. You can see how dedicated she is to her work by the way she approaches each role. She always brings professionalism and a genuine desire to make sure her fans have a great experience.

Although some people may her choice of profession as unconventional, it’s crucial to approach the topic with an open mind. The adult entertainment industry is a legitimate industry that serves a specific audience, and she has discovered her niche within it. We should respect and understand her work as a type of entertainment that is intended for adults who have given their consent.

She has a dedicated following because of her talent, natural beauty, and charisma. She is able to establish a strong connection with her fans through her performances, giving them a chance to escape from their daily routines and connect on a deeper level. She strives to bring joy and delight to those who admire her artistic creations.

Please keep in mind that her work is meant for mature audiences only. Just like any other form of entertainment, it’s crucial to consume it responsibly and approach it with respect and discretion.

She is making great progress in her career, showing her passion and commitment to her work. She stands out in the adult film industry because of her talent and distinctive personality, which guarantee her long-lasting presence and success.


Luna Okko has become quite well-known in the adult entertainment industry. She has had an incredibly impressive career, with noteworthy accomplishments and recognition that have helped her achieve great success.

She has built an impressive portfolio of more than 120 adult videos, showcasing her talent on popular platforms like Pornhub, OnlyFans, and Fansly. These platforms have given her a large audience, so fans can enjoy and appreciate her captivating performances.

Her talents have caught the attention of many, as she has been showcased on well-known channels like BEVR, Brazzers Trailers, and Reality Kings. These collaborations really show how versatile she is as an actress and how well she can adapt to different roles and situations.

She has found financial success by being a part of the adult entertainment industry. The adult industry can be quite profitable, and her commitment and effort have enabled her to enjoy the benefits. Throughout her career, she has managed to earn a significant income, which is a testament to her talent and the support she receives from her fans.

Her contributions to the adult industry extend beyond her performances in videos. Additionally, she has built a significant following on social media platforms, actively interacting with her fans and establishing a genuine connection with them. By engaging in this interaction, she is able to build a devoted group of followers and establish a prominent position in the industry.

When engaging with Her work, it’s crucial to show respect and understanding. Remember that adult entertainment is specifically created for mature audiences. It’s really important to consume her content responsibly, making sure to enjoy it in a way that respects appropriate limits.

Her journey in her career as an adult actress is filled with talent and dedication, which will undoubtedly pave the way for further achievements and success. She has a wide range of videos available on popular adult platforms, and her recognition from well-known channels shows how influential she is in the industry.

Summary of Luna Okko

Name / UsernameLuna Okko
Date of Birth4th December, 1994
Age31 years (2025)
Weight90 lbs (41 kg)
Height5 ft 2 in (157 cm)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde
PH Views128 million
Net wort$1 million – $1.5 million
ProfessionAdult Model and Actress
Marital StatusUnknown
SchoolUpdate soon
Educational QualificationUnknown

Luna Okko’s Career

Luna Okko’s career has been nothing short of remarkable, as she has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry. With her exceptional talent, versatility, and dedication, she has captivated audiences across various mediums. From her breakthrough performances on the stage to her captivating roles in film and television, She has consistently showcased her range and ability to bring characters to life. Her commitment to authenticity and her ability to connect with her audience have garnered critical acclaim and a loyal fan base. With each new project, Jade Venus continues to push boundaries and demonstrate her prowess as a true artist.

Hobbies of Luna Okko

Luna Okko loves anything to do with nature Laughing, eating, hiking, adventuring, working out and petting dogs. She likes to wake up next to the smell of crackling bacon and love shooting photo’s for her social media channels especially Instagram.

Luna Okko’s Net Worth

Luna Okko has truly made a name for herself in the adult entertainment industry! Her incredible work ethic and unwavering commitment have definitely paid off. She has built a substantial net worth thanks to her extensive collection of adult videos.

It’s great to hear that she has been successful in her career! Reports suggest that her net worth is estimated to be between $1 million – $1.5 million, that’s quite an impressive amount! It really shows how popular she is and the amazing financial opportunities that exist in the adult entertainment industry.

Her net worth comes from different sources of income. She has a large collection of adult videos, numbering in the hundreds, that greatly contribute to her earnings. Shehas found a way to connect with a diverse audience and earn income through her presence on popular adult platforms like Pornhub, Onlyfans, and Fansly. She offers subscriptions, shares videos, and engages in other activities to support her work.

It’s worth mentioning that the adult entertainment industry offers some great opportunities, and Luna Okko has done an amazing job using her talent, popularity, and entrepreneurial spirit to earn a significant salary and build a successful net worth. Her success is such an inspiring example of how anyone can create a thriving career in this industry!

What is the age of Luna Okko?

Luna Okko was born on 4th December, 1994, making her 31 years old at the moment. She has a vibrant enthusiasm for life, exudes kindness and sociability, and approaches things with a naturally positive outlook.

She celebrates her birthday on 4th December, and it’s always a joyous occasion to mark another year of life and personal growth. Although we may not have specific knowledge about Skyler Luv’s birthday traditions, it is reasonable to assume that she likely engages in some sort of special activity to commemorate the occasion. As we are all aware, birthdays provide an opportunity to reflect on our lives, cherish our loved ones, and anticipate the coming year. She reflects on her journey and the impact she has made in the adult entertainment industry every year on her birthday.

What is the Height and Weight of Luna Okko?

Luna Okko who is well-known for her stunning appearance has a naturally enticing appearance that attracts a diverse group of fans. She has a slender figure that exudes grace and elegance. She stands at a height of 5 ft 2 in (157 cm) and weighs 90 lbs (41 kg).

Her measurements, which are 34D-25-38, really highlight her beauty. Her hourglass figure beautifully enhances her overall attractiveness, captivating audiences with her self-assurance and allure.

She is blessed with a beautiful, dark brown hair that enhances her already captivating presence. Her hair looks amazing, whether she wears it in long waves or straight and sleek. It really complements her face and brings out her natural beauty. She has a tattoos on her skin when it comes to body art. She is able to maintain a versatile appearance that can adapt to different roles and styles in the adult entertainment industry.

On the other hand, Luna Okko does have piercings, which give her overall appearance a touch of edginess. When these piercings are strategically placed, they enhance her features and give her an extra element of allure.


You can’t get enough of Luna Okko right? She would love to do more and more only if she keeps having your support. All the above information given were taken from her PH profile and some other sources to make sure we feed you with nothing but the facts.

FAQ of Luna Okko

What is the nationality of Luna Okko?

Raising her country’s flag high, Luna Okko comes from France and her nationality is French.

What is the date of birth of Luna Okko

Well, some people say age is just number. The date of birth of Luna Okko is 4th December, 1994. If you want to celebrate her birth day, then you should probably get it noted down.

How old is Luna Okko?

Looking at her date of birth above, it then means she is 30 years now in 2024.

What is the height of Luna Okko?

When you watch videos of Luna Okko, you might be tempted to ask how tall is she? Well, per our checks she is 5 ft 2 in (157 cm).

What is the weight of Luna Okko?

Her weight as we know for now is 90 lbs (41 kg)

What is the name of Luna Okko’s boyfriend?

Wondering if Luna Okko has a boyfriend or not? Actually, looking at her PH profile, she has it stated that she is taken now.

What is the real net worth of Luna Okko

Her hard work has made her some good wealth. We can estimate her net worth to be around $1m – $1.5m

What is the real name of Luna Okko?

Her real name is not known yet.

What is the TikTok account of Luna Okko?

Her real TikTok account is not available yet.

What is the Instagram account of Luna Okko?

Her Instagram account is lunaokko.

What is the Twitter account of Luna Okko?

Her real Twitter account is @lunaokko_.

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