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Man petitions IGP after losing 18K to online scammers

A netizen has sent a petition to the Ghana Police Service regional command to help him track down some individuals who fled with his money.

According to the petitioner, identified as Bright Ewusi, he was searching for an apartment and decided to check for some online. He stumbled on one on JiJi and got in touch with the person who posted the advertisement.

After their conversation, the person told him the apartment was going out for GHC 1,500 and gave him another number to contact since he was the actual landlord of the apartment, which he did. After he bargained with them, they agreed for him to pay an amount of GHC 1,300 a month and booked a meeting with them to inspect the place on a different day.

According to him, he and his wife met the scammers at North Kaneshie, a place they claimed was their office, and were taken to the apartment, which was located at Tantra Hills.

After seeing and inspecting the apartment, they paid them an amount of GHC 16K for the rent, were given keys to the apartment, and were told to report to their office the next day for documentation to be done.

The next day, at about 7 a.m., they called him again to demand more money, which they claimed was going to be used to fix the air conditioning in the room, which they sent to the number the person provided. After making that payment, they went to the supposed office of the people only to be told the place was a movie house. He and his wife also went straight to the apartment, where they met another man who claimed to be the caretaker of the house and also told them the apartment wasn’t for rent.

Since then, all efforts to reach the people have proven futile, as all their numbers have been switched off.

So, he is asking the Ghana Police to help him find these online con artists.