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No lady was sponsoring Ahoufe – Manager

The manager of late TikToker Ahoufe has denied claims that the superstar whilst alive was been cared for by a lady.

After the death of Ahoufe broke on social media, audio went viral where the person alleged that the manager wasn’t taking good care of the superstar and that also contributed to his death.

According to the person, there was a lady in the picture who was taking care of Ahoufe with her cash whiles the manager was enjoying the cash the late entertainer made from his videos.But in an exclusive interview with Ghpage, the manager who is known as TB disclosed that the said lady being referred to is a sister to them and she wasn’t the one taking care of Ahoufe.

TB in the interview mentioned that he has been the one taking care of Ahoufe up until his death and they were even staying in the same room when he got sick.

Speaking about the lady, the manager explained that she is always with them adding that she sometimes follows them to their locations to shoot their videos so she is not someone outside that the audio sort to project.