Prayer warrior, the only war here is a stupid husband – Rana drags Nkonkonsa and wife, Victoria Lebene again

Kobi Rana, a movie producer and writer, has once again dragged blogger Nkonkonsa and his wife Victoria Lebene after the latter cursed him.
Recall that about a week ago, Kobi Rana dragged blogger Nkonkonsah after he made a negative publication about him on his website. He forewarned the blogger, saying he would give him another reason to seek DNA testing on his child with his wife, Victoria Lebene.
“Don’t spew lies about a powerful warrior; everyone is entitled to their rage, anger, or opinion, but if you utter what isn’t the truth about me, you will face powerful wrath! Mark my words! After all, Eugene Nkansah, that happened last year.You have the audacity to re-post me for stupid attention.”He had written in a post.

The next time you post me again, I will give you enough reason to go for a DNA test.  “What needs blogging is your stinking marriage,” Kobi Rana added.

In reaction, the wife of the blogger, Victoria Lebene, took to her page to warn Rana to desist from spreading lies about her, adding that she is a prayer warrior and will pray against him for lying against her.

Rana has also used his page to mock Victoria Lebene, asking her to pray for his husband and referring to him as a “stupid husband.”


Written by Siraj

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