Putting New Phone Cases Through Their Paces

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How the Ostand Phone Cases Stand Out

As a somewhat clumsy person who’s frequently on the move, my phone is a really important part of my life that has to hold up through a lot. For me, protection is paramount. That’s why I was excited to get my hands on a couple of new cases from TORRAS. I tried out 2 of their cases from the Ostand series, the Ostand 360 Rotate Case and the Ostand 360 Spin Case. Both of these cases are sleek, compact, and convenient while offering the type of robust protection that I was looking for. I wanted to try them out and see which case I liked better, but I thought both were fantastic.

Both cases feature a really helpful O-shaped ring on the back that acts as a grip for one-handed use or as a phone stand. TORRAS seems to be one of the pioneers for this type of phone case, finding ways to make these O-rings more convenient, and I imagine a lot of case makers are going to be emulating their designs soon if they’re not doing so already.

Not only that, I found they worked incredibly well for wireless charging and provided really secure magnetic attachment that kept my phone locked in place while I was driving. Even on occasions when I was getting out onto gravel roads, the magnets kept my phone firmly in place.

I’m quite impressed with both of these phone cases, but let me break down my experience in more detail.

First Impressions of the TORRAS Ostand 360 Series

When I first unboxed the TORRAS Ostand 360 Rotate case, I was immediately impressed by the look and feel of it. I chose the clear case since I’ve got an iPhone 15 Pro Max and I like to see its original design, but the 360°\ Rotatable case is also available in a few other colors if you’d like something different. Titanium Gray, Pale Green, and Matte are the other options and all of them look quite nice. The case is lightweight and slim, which was a pleasant surprise considering it is marketed for heavy-duty protection. The Ostand on the back also has a rotating ring that it’s attached to and folds down to be flush with the back of the phone case. While this does mean that the case is a little thicker, I think it’s a worthwhile trade-off since it offers better protection and keeps the Ostand from getting snagged when sliding my phone into or out of my pocket.

The Ostand 360 Spin Case is equally nice and is available in two colors; black and clear. Since I was already using the clear option for the Ostand 360 Rotate Case, I opted for black on this one. The frosted, textured feel and edging along the case made it very tactile and even pleasant to hold, offering me a good grip on my phone. Similar to the Ostand 360 Rotate case, the O-ring on this one was flush with the case when laid flat, and my phone remained thin enough to slide easily into my pockets.

Daily Use and Durability of the Ostand Phone Cases

Of course, the true test of any phone case is how it holds up in everyday use. The TORRAS cases proved to be more than up to the task.

Ostand Spin & Ostand R’s O-ring Experience

The O-ring stands were great for keeping a grip on my phone when scrolling through videos or playing mobile games. The Ostand Spin in particular provided really good gripping, which helped minimize how easily my phone slips out of my hand.

The O-rings were really good for taking photos since I could do so one-handed. One day when my wife called while I was getting ready to bring in groceries, I was able to put her on speaker, grab my phone with one finger, and carry all the bags in one go.

Ostand Spin and Ostand R’s Magnetic Attachment & Wireless Charging Support

I was really impressed with the magnetic attachment capabilities of both cases as well as how efficient and easy using them with my MagSafe wireless charger was. When trying them out in my car, mounted to my MagSafe car mount, I didn’t have to remove the case to get a good charge. I also didn’t feel like the case was impeding the charging speed in the slightest. When I was researching these cases, they both claimed to utilize a Halbach array layout for the magnets, which is supposed to enhance the magnetic attractive force as well as optimize the wireless charging. The Ostand Spin also mentioned that the Ostand on the back was made from zinc which is highly conductive and facilitates wireless charging. I assume the Ostand Rotate also uses zinc because the charging efficiency seemed pretty similar.

Phone Protection Capabilities of the Ostand Phone Cases

The protection is also solid on these cases. Both have raised bezels to protect the phone’s screen as well as ridges around the camera lenses to keep those safe.

The Ostand 360 Rotate held up well in my day-to-day. It boasts 360-degree air cushions all around and impact-resistant X-SHOCK technology that delivers what it promised. It claims that it can protect from drops up to 12 feet high. While I wasn’t inclined to intentionally drop my phone from that high up, it did a great job protecting my phone from some nasty falls. The worst drop this phone handled happened when I was leaving my house. I tried to slide my phone into my pocket so I could lock my front door and totally missed. My phone bounced down the front steps and landed face-down on the concrete walkway. I was really worried that the screen had been damaged. Thankfully, everything still worked fine. My screen wasn’t cracked and even the case itself wasn’t any worse for wear from the tumble.

The Ostand 360 Spin never faced a drop quite that nasty while I was using it, but it should offer similar protection since it also withstands drops up to 12 feet. This one has 12 “airbags” built into the case to offer protection on every front, and the information I saw before buying it indicated that it can absorb 98% of the impact force. The worst fall for this case was probably knocking my phone out of a locker while changing clothes at the gym. My phone landed on the floor and everything was perfectly fine. This drop was probably about 5 feet up and the Ostand Spin handled it with no issues.

Convenient Angle Adjustment with the Ostand Spin & Rotating Phone Cases

Aside from the appearance, most of the features I’ve mentioned are similar between the 2 cases, so I really need to mention the biggest difference — the Ostand. These cases both sport an adjustable O-ring that works as a stand. The difference is in how adjustable they are.

The Ostand Spin has a stand that flips out and rotates on its axis. This means the O-ring itself stays in one spot but can be flipped around to support your phone to stand vertically or horizontally. It makes a nice clicking sound every time you rotate it, and I sometimes found myself clicking it around absent-mindedly like a fidget toy. This also means that it’s pretty quick to switch it from vertical, to horizontal, and back. I mostly propped it up vertically to make video calls. Horizontally, I kind of just put it on the table to watch a show while I was eating.

The Ostand Rotate has a ring built into the back of the case which rotates freely and the Ostand is attached to it. This gives it a bit more versatility in finding a good angle to stand your phone up. I especially liked this when I was trying to set my phone up in the kitchen to follow along a cooking video because I could set it up on the countertop and move it around freely while switching up the angle so I could see. I have a privacy screen protector on my phone, so if the angle isn’t right then I cannot see the video at all.  

Final Thoughts on the Ostand 360 Series Phone Cases

Reflecting on my experience with these cases, I was more than satisfied with both. I think TORRAS has made some excellent products here, and they’re basically on par with one another. Which one you should get really depends on what you’re looking for.

Both cases have a nice look, convenient Ostands, strong magnetic attachment, good wireless charging compatibility, and excellent protection. I really like the click that the Ostand 360 Spin makes when adjusting the stand, however, the Ostand 360 Rotate gave me more adjustable angling which was helpful with my privacy screen protector. If you’re looking for more color options, the Ostand 360 Rotate also has more to choose from. You really can’t go wrong with either stand. If you’re in the market for a new phone case, both of TORRAS’ Ostand 360 Cases are worth a look.

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Written by Alan Steppe

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Putting New Phone Cases Through Their Paces

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