Safety Tips for your Sailing Vacation


Sailing vacations are mainly commenced in the deep waters where no one would present to help you in the case of emergency. Plus, the shore is miles away so returning to shore is not feasible. In such conditions, following appropriate safety tips will rightly keep you safe during the vacation. If you have babies, you should be extra cautious because you shouldn’t compromise the safety of the babies at any cost.

Before stepping on a Croatia Yacht Charter make sure that you have rechecked the safety material that would rightly meet your safety parameters. 

·         First Aid Kit

If you know that you are suffering from any medical complications then don’t forget to bring medicines with you. Plus, inform the captain of the boat where it can be found in the case of an emergency. Any vessel should have the first aid kid onboard and you should know what it contains in case of need the captain should also inform you regarding these medicines. Sea sickness is a common health problem that maximum people face during their sailing vacation and you can keep the medicine for the sea sickness in the first place if you are boarding the boat for the first time.

·         Sunscreen and Bug Spray

Even on gloomy days, light reflected in the water can burn your skin. So, keep the sunscreen or spray close by and apply it regularly. If you do so, there will be no fear of any kind of big infection and it will make your holiday more enjoyable. Since many people prefer to sail in warm weather, the bugs attack these days if you keep the bug spray handy, it will be easy for you to keep them away.

·         Sunglasses and Hat

On bright sunny days, you can’t find shadows on the boat and it results in sunburn or soaring to the eyes. In such conditions, it is advised to keep sunglasses and hats handy so that you can easily find out the best solution to this problem. Cowboy hats are the preferred gear to keep your eyes and face protected from the sun.

·         Comfortable Shoes

When it comes to thinking about shoes, make sure that you have comfortable shoes that can let you enjoy the holiday. Rather than heavy or bold shoes, you should opt for casual, lightweight foam shoes that would meet your needs perfectly. One thing is to keep in mind that, during the daytime, when the sun is up, you shouldn’t walk on the deck barefoot. It will create a burn on your foot and may not let you enjoy the holiday perfectly. If you are renting a boat, make sure that the owners provide you with shoes to have white flat soles to protect you from the heat while trolling on the boat.

The same thing also applies when choosing the right clothing for your vacation. Choose light-colored cotton clothes that would keep you safe while you are on a sailing vacation.