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Sarkodie Takes His Daughter Titi To Explore Nature On Her 7th Birthday, Videos Drop

Famous Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie marked his daughter’s seventh birthday at a safari park They took part in various activities including feeding animals and enjoying the breathtaking views from the waterfall The video has got many people hailing him as the ‘father of the year’ as he made time to get involved in the life of his first born child
Celebrated Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie gave his daughter a treat at a safari to mark her seventh birthday.
Sharing videos on the stories of his verified Instagram page, father and daughter were captured enjoying nature. Without disclosing the location of the safari, the videos showed the two admiring the breathtaking views of the water falling from the mountains. They then went to feed some animals on the land and spotted some chickens and zebras.The videos also showed them engaged in archery as Sarkodie taught Titi how to play the game. Titi followed suit and flaunted the new skills she had learnt from her father.