Sidechick caught by her sugar daddy’s wife while hiding on the balcony

A video that is currently trending online captures the moment a side chick takes a huge risk to hide outside the balcony fence in order to evade her sugar daddy’s wife.
The man’s wife had apparently returned home without informing her husband of her arrival.

In a bid to escape being seen by the woman, the side chick, who was scantily dressed, jumped over the balcony and stood hidden on a ledge on the wall.
The man could be seen arguing with his wife on the balcony as neighbors watched the baffling spectacle.

When they finished arguing, the wife began descending down the stairs, and the side chick quickly climbed upward to hide on the balcony.

Apparently, the side chick had quickly gathered her things without putting them on to head out.

She crept outside surreptitiously, poking her head out first to see whether the wife was nearby or hiding.

Unfortunately for the side chick, the neighbors quickly alerted the wife, who gave her a hot chase while she was running away after initially hiding on the balcony for more than 20 minutes.