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“Tekno’s songs are evil”: Zimbabwean pastor Uebert Angel attacks Nigerian singer

During a Sunday sermon, popular Zimbabwean gospel minister Uebert Angel recently expressed his distaste for Afrobeat music, using Tekno as an example.

He noted that there are several Afrobeat songs one would listen to that should make one query their content and if they’re good songs for Christian minds to consume.

Uebert buttressed his point by picking one of Tekno’s songs, Pana, citing a lyric from the track and querying the use of “big casava” as a metaphor for his reproductive organ.

The clergyman added that people in Zimbabwe always sing along to Nigerian songs without knowing the meaning of some of their lyrics which is toxic for their minds and consciousness as Christians.

Listen to the sermon below:

See how Nigerians reacted to Pastor Uebert Angel’s sermon and attack on Tekno


“This Man that Aljazeera has implicated for colluding with criminal minds in his country to steal his country’s Natural Resources. Lol… Na this kin person dey preach.”


“No be gold mafia be that.”


“They are obsessed with Nigeria artist atp .”


“That means him too dey listen to it na.”


“Oga free us…we don’t need to understand….we just wanna flex and dance .”


“Lol cassava na bad thing? Maybe he should change it to agbado lol ‍♂️.”


“This one no know watin to pray again he one use tekno shine.”


“Pastor u too Dey listen to the song e sweet or e no sweet.”