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TWIST: Ahuofe was not poisoned – Real manager speaks

Yesterday, March 30, 2023, news went viral that famed Ghanaian Tiktoker professionally known as Ahoufe whose real name is Sylvester Agyemang has died.
Since the news about his death hit the internet, many of his fans took to social media to express their condolences, with many describing him as a talented and gifted young man.

Amidst his mourning, one Ghanaian blogger known as ‘Gentle The Blogger’ alleged that Ahoufe was poisoned to death.

According to ‘Gentle The Blogger’, he got the information from his manager who is his best friend.

But in a twist or better still new development to the issue, the manager of Ahoufe has added his voice detailing the cause of the death of his artistIn the voice of the manager, Tiktoker Ahuofe was not poisoned as earlier speculated by some people.

According to him, Ahoufe also called as Soldier got sick and was living in the same room with him for some time now, therefore, he died from sickness and not anything poison-related.

The manager added that he took Ahoufe to the hospital when the sick became severe yesternight and he died in the hospital upon arrival and none of the doctors at the hospital made mention of poison or whatsoever.

As a reminder, the late Ahoufe 2pac who was based in Kumasi had over 3 million followers on Tiktok alone.

Watch Ahoufe’s manager speak in the video below: