Sunday, April 14, 2024
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UPSA to seize video game consoles from students in Hostels

The Management of UPSA Hostels has warned all resident students to desist from using video game consoles in the school’s hostel.

In a statement, it said that any video game console found in any room in the hostel will be confiscated as they are prohibited from the facility.

The notice dated 30th March 2023 said this directive would take effect from April 3, 2023.

It comes after management got information that some resident students brought the prohibited devices to the Hostel some weeks ago.

The memo has been circulated widely on social media which has stirred varied reactions from internet users, many of whom have kicked against the school’s decision.

Some have argued that even though the students are old enough to manage their affairs, they are treated like naive children in high schools who need supervision.