We Are Suffering, Taking 10% Of Bet Wins Is Not Fair – Ghanaian Bettors Lament

The Ghanaian government intends to impose a new 10% tax on all winnings from gambling, games, and lotteries.
The new tax has received harsh criticism from Ghanaians, many of whom participate in gambling, especially young people.

The government’s decision to impose taxes on sports betting and the lottery has angered Ghanaian bettors.

Some bettors said “I could lose all my bets in a year so if I should win one day and then 10 percent is deducted, it actually means that I have lost.”

“Honestly, it is not fair. We are suffering because the system is not any better so taking away 10 percent of my bet wins is not a good thing.”

The government was asked by the sports bettors to rethink its intentions to retain 10% of profits from lotteries, sports wagering, and other games of chance at the time of payout.

In the past ten years, Ghana’s betting business has experienced enormous expansion, which has prompted numerous betting organizations to open offices there.

Ghanaians’ opinions on sports betting have recently frequently been mixed, with some emphasising its negative impacts on the youth.

Others agree, saying that since gambling is legal and not against the law, it cannot be characterized as a negative habit.


Written by Siraj

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