What features does mushroom farm equipment need to have to be considered high-quality?

High-quality equipment is something that many business owners invest in, including owners of mushroom growing farms. But what conditions should the equipment meet to be considered high-quality? What should prospective buyers pay the most attention to? We’ll explain everything below!

Mushroom picking lorry

Mushroom picking lorries are a key piece of every mushroom farm’s equipment set-up, but there can be a big difference in quality between different models. For example, older, less technologically advanced lorries are equipped with a crank that needs to be manually turned for the platform to move. Newer models have automated this process. Now all that’s needed for up and down (or left and right) platform movement is a simple press of a button.

It’s a faster, easier, and less physically demanding option. Thanks to this solution, picking can become much more efficient, and worker morale goes up. Some other key features of the best mushroom picking lorries include an automated stoppage system, optimal battery capacity, and easy picking from the top and bottom shelves of the shelving (which is especially useful for short pickers).


Just like with many other workplaces, the clothing used in mushroom growing farms can have a big impact on worker’s efficiency. That’s why it’s important to supply pickers and other employees with comfortable t-shirts, pants, aprons, and so on. 

Clothing used on the farm needs to ensure ease of movement, as well as durability. It should withstand many wash cycles without losing its stretchability. The ability to customize the color to fit the brand is also a nice bonus.

Mushroom picking knives

As years go by, some machines and devices used in mushroom growing farms, such as the aforementioned mushroom picking lorry, but also climate and watering systems, get more and more complex and technologically advanced. However, there’s still a place for simpler devices – for example, mushroom picking knives.

At the same time, even though they are much less complex tools, they shouldn’t be picked at random. High-quality knives are barely more expensive than lower-quality ones, all while boasting better durability. They don’t dull easily and have ergonomic, resilient handles.

High-quality mushroom farm equipment is certainly not the only ingredient needed for the business’ success, but it’s certainly a must-have one. Products made with the most demanding customers in mind can be purchased from trusted suppliers, such as GROWTIME.

Written by Alan Steppe

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