“Where is Your Office?” Lady Who Plasters Houses Proudly Shows Building She Worked on, Video Goes Viral

A hardworking lady who plasters buildings is proud of what she does and showed off one of her works online In a video she posted on TikTok, the lady was in one of the rooms after she had screeded the walls She is so good at what she does that after she posted the video, it went viral on the platform and got over 2000 likes A lady has stormed TikTok to show off her amazing work to the public. It was revealed in the short video seen on the TikTok handle of @ochies8 that the lady plasters and screeds houses.In the 10 seconds clip, the lady showed one of the houses she has worked on, and many of her audience got stunned.She showed one of the rooms shortly before she screeded it and showed it off when she was done.


Screeded wall that looks like painted wall 😎😎

♬ My Work (feat. Kap G) – Castro Escobar


Written by Siraj

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