5 Creative Ways to Design your Facebook Post

Facebook is not only a digital but a cultural, social, and as it would appear an economical phenomenon. Facebook has expanded its reach to various demographics as well as sectors of arts, politics, business and more. It comes as no surprise that Facebook has retained its place as the most used social media platform till date. 

However, it can be very difficult to increase engagement of your post with the medium becoming so crowded. The competition is really high and small businesses have to rival bigger brands, which makes the process even harder. However, as long as you work on the quality of your content, you are bound to get noticed and improve your reach. 

Here are 5 creative ways to design your facebook post that could lead to higher engagement daily-

  1. Question Posts

A very famous post design basically involves pulling people into a conversation by directly asking them questions. However, make sure that you are not using this post too frequently. Also, you must be very creative about the way you ask your questions. You can even go a tad bit controversial so that people start pouring in their response. 

Keep the visuals very attractive and alluring. At the same time, ask easy and relevant questions that people can respond to off the top of their head. You can even include the most iconic figures in the history of your niche to increase the sophistication of your posts. People are more inclined to read your post description when they relate your brand to a personal hero, etc.

  1. Behind The Scenes Posts

Another classic for any social media platform are the behind the scenes posts. People love to see the human side of every brand, media personality, etc. 

This way your audiences are able to relate to you more and have a better chance of getting attached sentimentally. Moreover, behind the scenes post make your brand memorable as compared to your competitors. 

If you are a business, you can share how your products are made, sourced, distributed, etc. You can let people in on your daily struggles and special perks that are unique to your business behind the scenes. In fact, you should consider featuring your employees as well.

  1. Trending Posts

Facebook is always coming up with one trend or another. Moreover, Facebook is quick to catch on the trends from the offline world and cater online material on the same. Make sure you stay in touch with the hottest topics in discussion within Facebook so that you may be able to create content related to the same. 

For instance, soon after the pandemic Facebook was flooded with posts that always revolved the topic of staying safe, staying at home, COVID hygiene, and so on. This is just a general example. There are many trends that on-going in different niches, including yours. So make posts related to these.

  1. Story Posts

Another popular format and design for Facebook posts are personal stories. These are relevant for every kind of Facebook account- personal, business, creative, and so on. Just as people love behind the scenes content for their human quality- they also love Facebook story posts because they are much more personal. Here are a few points you need to remember when posting a Facebook story. To begin with- make sure that the language is colloquial and not too formal. 

Never at any point should you sound like you are trying to sell an idea, or product, or your brand. Just write from your heart and let people know how passionate you are about what you do. 

  1. Infographics

Infographics are the best way to let people in on a lot of information, without making them feel overwhelmed. Pinterest itself holds a lot of infographics and gets a huge audience for the same. This applies to Facebook as well- where people are looking to add value in their lives without spending too much time. 

Just make sure that your infographics are visually striking and contain only the most necessary text. You can add links in your post description for each section of your chart, graph, etc. in case people want to get more information.


Facebook was the first social media platform to have gone absolutely viral on the internet. In fact, if the credit must go to anyone in defining online communications, lives of digital citizens, and so on- then it must go to Facebook. 

Of course, with time Facebook’s algorithm has become extremely complex and getting noticed on the platform is one of the hardest tasks today.

You can always buy Facebook post likes to give yourself a head start, and once you are standing strongly on your feet you can experiment with different strategies like the designs mentioned above. Do have a look at our list!

Written by Timothy Egger

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