Monday, April 15, 2024
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Fella Makafui threatens to arrest Bongo Ideas

Fella Makafui is a successful Ghanaian actress, mother, and wife. She has vowed to have Albert Nat Hyde, also known as Bongo Ideas, a well-known blogger and critic, arrested for his outspoken views.The blogger was given a strong warning by Fella Makfui after he accused her in public of having an affair with Flow Delly, Medikal’s fired manager.

Bongo Ideas claims on his “explosive” Twitter account that the Medikal sacked Flow Delly from his squad in order to save his marriage.

In the same tweet that went viral, he implied that Medikal had exposed Fella Makafui’s adultery with Flow Delly, which was the reason why Fella had been going without her marital ring for a while.

Fella Makfui, outraged by the blogger’s baseless accusations, has declared openly that he will involve the police in the matter. This is because Bongo Ideas has not provided any evidence for the claims he has made about her on social media in an effort to ruin her marriage and slander her.