Five Great Day Trips for Seniors in Ballwin

Ballwin is a city in St. Louis County, Missouri, located just 22 miles west of St. Louis. It’s a great place for seniors who enjoy the outdoors, as it boasts numerous parks, trails, and gardens. However, it’s also home to several indoor attractions that cater to a more leisurely pace. Here are five day trips for seniors in Ballwin, St. Louis, that are sure to provide a fun and relaxing experience.

Exploring the Beautiful Missouri Botanical Garden

The Missouri Botanical Garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the United States, and it’s a must-see for seniors in Ballwin. The garden covers 79 acres and features a Japanese garden, a Chinese garden, a rose garden, a Victorian garden, and more. The garden is wheelchair accessible and has benches located throughout for visitors who want to rest and take in the scenery.

Discovering History at the Missouri History Museum

The Missouri History Museum is located in Forest Park, just a short drive from Ballwin and many of the excellent assisted living Ballwin homes. It has several exhibits showcasing Missouri’s history, including the state’s role in the Civil War and its contribution to the aerospace industry. The museum also has a research center where visitors can research their family history or Missouri history. It’s an excellent destination for seniors who enjoy learning about the past.

Taking a Walk Through Castlewood State Park

Castlewood State Park is a beautiful park located along the Meramec River. The park has several trails that wind through wooded areas and along the riverbank. It’s an excellent destination for seniors who enjoy hiking or walking, and there are benches located throughout the park for visitors who want to rest and take in the scenery. The park also has a picnic area for visitors who want to bring their lunch.

Enjoying the Animals at Grant’s Farm

Grant’s Farm is a historic farm that was once owned by Ulysses S. Grant. It’s now a family-friendly attraction that’s perfect for seniors who enjoy seeing animals. Visitors can see a variety of animals, including bison, elephants, and kangaroos. The farm also has a petting zoo where visitors can interact with animals like goats and sheep. There’s also a tram tour of the property that takes visitors past historic buildings and through wooded areas.

Relaxing at the Butterfly House

The Butterfly House is located in Chesterfield, just a short drive from Ballwin. It’s a beautiful indoor garden that’s home to hundreds of butterflies from around the world. Visitors can walk through the garden and see the butterflies up close. The garden also has a gift shop where visitors can purchase butterfly-themed souvenirs. It’s an excellent destination for seniors who want to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

So there you have it. Ballwin is a fantastic place for seniors who enjoy the outdoors, history, and leisurely activities. These five day trips offer a variety of experiences, from exploring botanical gardens and learning about history to hiking through parks and relaxing in butterfly gardens.

Written by Timothy Egger

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