Full list of USA Zip Codes (US Zip Code)

The United States of America comprises multiple states like California, New York, Texas, Alabama, Ohio, Washington DC, Arizona etc. Each of the states has its own zip code allocated to it. Honestly, you don’t need to memorize these zip codes as you will easily find them online for references. 

What is a Zip Code?

Zip code is a five digit number used to represent countries and states. In the US you can count about 9,223 zip codes with each code having its unique numbers. Let’s have a look at zip codes, postal codes, and PIN codes in the United States of America. Due to its numerous nature you have to do a bit of scrolling down to find the very state you are looking for. It is, however, arranged in alphabetical order to ease things for you.

Zip Codes by States in the USA.

Below is a list of zip codes by States in the US. What you will notice is that, each state has a range of numbers representing it.

StateCapitalZip Code
Alabama – AL (Alabama Zip Code)Montgomery35004 – 36925
Alaska – AK (Alaska Zip Code)Juneau99501 – 99950
Arizona – AZ (Arizone Zip Code)Phoenix85001 – 86556
Arkansas – AR (Arkansas Zip Code)Little Rock71601 – 72959
California – CA (California Zip Code)Sacramento90001 – 96162
Colorado – CO Colorado Zip CodeDenver80001 – 81658
Connecticut – CT (Connecticut Zip Code)Hartford06001 – 06928
Delaware – DE (Delaware Zip Code)Dover19701 – 19980
Florida – FL (Florida Zip Code)Tallahassee32003 – 34997
Georgia – GA (Georgia Zip Code)Atlanta30002 – 39901
Hawaii – HI (Hawai Zip Code)Honolulu96701 – 96898
Idaho – ID (Idaho Zip Code)Boise83201 – 83877
Illinois – IL (Illimois Zip Code)Springfield60001 – 62999
Indiana – IN (Indiana Zip Code)Indianapolis46001 – 47997
Iowa – IA (Iowa Zip Code)Des Moines50001 – 52809
Kansas – KS (Kansas Zip Code)Topeka66002 – 67954
Kentucky – KY (Kentucky Zip Code)Frankfort40003 – 42788
Louisiana – LS (Louisiana Zip Code)Baton Rouge70001 – 71497
Maine – ME (Maine Zip Code)Augusta03901 – 04992
Maryland – MD (Mayland Zip Code)Annapolis20588 – 21930
Massachusetts (Massachusetts Zip Code)Boston01001 – 05544
Michigan – MI (Michigan Zip Code)Lansing48001 – 49971
Minnesota – MN (Minnesota Zip Code)Saint Paul55001 – 56763
Mississippi – MS (Mississippi Zip Code)Jackson38601 – 39776
Montana – MT (Montana Zip Code)Helena59001 – 59937
Nebraska – NE (Nebraska Zip Code)Lincoln68001 – 69367
Nevada – NV (Nevada Zip Code)Carson City88901 – 89883
New Hampshire – NH (New Hampshire Zip Code)Concord03031 – 03897
New Jersey – NJ (New Jersey Zip Code)Trenton07001 – 08989
New Mexico – NM (New Mexico Zip Code)Santa Fe87001 – 88439
New York – NY (New York Zip Code)Albany00501 – 14925
North Carolina – NC (North Carolina Zip Code)Raleigh27006 – 28909
North Dakota – ND (North Dakota Zip Code)Bismarck58001 – 58856
Ohio – OH (Ohio Zip Code)Columbus43001 – 45999
Oklahoma – OK (Oklahoma Zip Code)Oklahoma City73001 – 74966
Oregon – OR (Oregon Zip Code)Salem97001 – 97920
Pennsylvania – PA (Pennsylvania Zip Code)Harrisburg15001 – 19640
Rhode Island – RI (Rhode Island Zip Code)Providence02801 – 02940
South Carolina – SC (South Carolina Zip Code)Columbia29001 – 29945
South Dakota – SD (South Dakota Zip Code)Pierre57001 – 57799
Tennessee – TN (Tennessee Zip Code)Nashville37010 – 38589
Texas – TX (Texas Zip Code)Austin73301 – 88595
Utah – UT (Utah Zip Code)Salt Lake City84001 – 84791
Vermont – VT (Vermont Zip Code)Montpelier05001 – 05907
Virginia – VA (Virginia Zip Code)Richmond20101 – 24658
Washington – WA (Washington Zip Code)Olympia98001 – 99403
West Virginia – WV (West Virginia Zip Code)Charleston24701 – 26886
Wisconsin – WI (Wisconsin Zip Code)Madison53001 – 54990
Wyoming – WY (Wyoming Zip Code)Cheyenne82001 – 83414

What are the uses of a Zip Code?

Lets do some better explanations here so that you can understand zip codes and what they are used for. I classic example I would like to give is; Let say you send a parcel to your sibling whose name is “Sampson Gaddah” in a school which is called ” Happy International School”. Now, if you address the parcel with only ” Sampson” as the recipient, there might be a great confusion if it unfortunately happens that the school have 2 or more students as “Sampson”. To prevent the occurrence of such situations, both the first name and second name has to be present on the parcel. So that there can be a clear distinction between Sampson Gaddah, Sampson Asim and Samspon Hayford.

This is the same issue zip codes seeks to solve when parcels are sent. There are many cities in the world that has the same name. And so when parcels are sent, zip codes helps a lot to identify the exact state or city the parcel is intended for. Also some people genuinely makes mistakes when writing names of cities or states on a parcel. Hence, the use of zip code helps to make up for the mistake done.

The United States Post Office (USPS) recommends that Zip codes should be written on parcels to make it easier for sorting and mailing.

Written by Timothy Egger

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