Ghanaians say that Fella Makafui used the “Do as I say” juju she got from Hajia Bintu on Medikal


Allow Hajia Bintu to do her business, if you no go buy the product just pass..

Hours after Hajia Bintu took over social media trends for her ill-famed advertisement of love charms to be used on sugar daddies by young ladies.
Medikal immediately took to his Twitter page to defend the socialite because according to him, he sees nothing wrong with her business.

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According to Medikal, Ghanaians are loudmouths who will find fault with anything people do to make a decent living and Hajia Bintu’s case inst an exception to this.

The rapper slammed the critics who have descended on the TikToker and tore her apart with insults just because she promoted ‘love charms’.

Apparently, Medikal’s words have been taken out of context and this has also landed him in a deep mess on social media.

As claimed by some tweeps, Fella Makafui is using a love charm she bought from Hajia Bintu on Medikal because if not for that, he would have never supported Hajia Bintu’s ‘shady business’.

@Hearttooclean on Twitter for instance commented; “You mean we should allow Fella Makafui’s supplier to do her business”

Below is Medikal’s tweet that has triggered netizens to fume at him and Fella Makfui who is innocently minding her business.

Check out some of the demeaning comments gathered under the tweet from angry tweeps…