Ghanaians criticize Hajia Bintu for telling young ladies to use ‘Do as I Say’ magic on rich men


Hajia Bintu, a TikTok star from Ghana, is educating girls interested in snatching spouses and partners how to use a hack.

She claims that there are numerous drugs that women can use to bind males by tightening their private parts.

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She went on to say that the medications are effective at attracting and retaining men. Hajia Bintu urged ladies to use it appropriately in order to kidnap and make other people’s spouses and lovers theirs.

One of the medications, which she characterized as “fuck and stay,” must be placed around the abdomen. She further stated that if a man has a sexual contact with any woman who uses it, he will remain.

Another medicine she introduced was “Attraction to Men”. According to her, when it is applied to the forehead, every lady will become irresistible to all the big men and will get whatever she asks for.

Hajia Bintu also introduced “Love and Stay” and “Do As I Say,” which are all products ladies can use to manipulate men and get whatever they need from them.

Social media users who have come across the video have expressed their complete disappointment in the socialite who once claimed that she works hard to finance her lucueous lifestyle.

According to these people, Hajia Bintu should be cancelled because she’s a bad influence on the youth.

Boakye Hygenic – Continue Snatching People’s Husbands For Money, The Small Girl ThatWill Also Snatch Ur Husbands Is In KG Reciting Rain ! Rain ! Go Away!

Nana Hemaa Yaa Agyeiwaa – Na when she said she uses what she has to get what she wants no,what were u guys thinking?

Chelsea Boateng Jnr – If not juju!! What makes this woman beautiful

Rukaya Salifu – I saw this video n I was like wow… wonder

Betty Brown Gh – Perfect she has now told us the secret behind her overnight fame and riches such a disgrace to the sisterhood community