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“He Looks So Much Like Ifeanyi: Viral Video of Toddler Who Looks Like Davido’s Ifeanyi Sparks Reactions

Davido’s son Ifeanyi died in October 2022, which was a big reason why he decided to take the long break that led to the making of his album. The video of the young child, who looks a lot like the late singer’s son, has gotten a lot of different reactions. Many people online wonder if the child is the reincarnation of the late Ifeanyi after seeing a video made up of different photos of him. People on the internet had reason to actively commemorate Davido’s late daughter Ifeanyi, who was only 3 years old when she passed away in October of 2022. In a post that was spotted online, a Nigerian expressed his disbelief that a different toddler who was unrelated to the performer would resemble his late son to such a great extent. It appeared in the video that people on TikTok were also shocked about the resemblance and requested the boy’s mother to share more photos of the boy. These comments were made in response to the video that was shared.