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How To Find The Best Storage Option For Caravans

When you love to camp but you want something more comfortable than tents you might decide to invest in a camper or caravan. There are a lot of advantages to having one, but there are times when you do not have the time to head out, or the weather is not conducive to getting away. This means having somewhere to store the caravan which usually means having enough space on your property or finding secure caravan storage in Perth.

Home or paid caravan storage?

Not everyone has the space to store the caravan at home. Ideally, you want it to be secure and out of the direct sun and that is not something everyone has. While it is cheaper you are going to have to work things out like enough width and height, security and so on. That is why it makes sense to look at caravan storage in Perth. They have the right kind of space and are set up specifically to handle your needs. It won’t get scratched up trying to fit it in somewhere too small and leaves you the space on your property. They have proper security and some even have 24/7 surveillance. It is a great long-term solution for when you are not in caravaning season.

Tips for when you are putting your caravan in storage

  • Wheels – Standing and holding the weight of the camper can weaken the tyres so they should be tuned every couple of months and they should not be directly in sunlight. Some people choose to put on winter wheels to get away from this issue. They are not just for winter, they work when it is in storage too.
  • Put on caravan covers – If the caravan has to be outside then put a cover over it to protect it from direct sun, as well as other weather. Choose something breathable so that moisture, mould and rust do not become a concern.
  • Plumbing – The water needs to be drained and flushed out to prevent water-born pests and mould issues. When you have flushed the water out open tall taps, showers, drains valves and such to make sure everything is out. Cover any exterior pipes.
  • Take out all batteries – This includes even remotes and such. The heat can cause leaking. You should also take out the battery of the caravan itself. You can put Vaseline onto the terminals to stop corrosion from happening, and the battery should be recharged monthly to keep it stable.
  • Remove or contain flammable gases and liquids – Make sure valves are closed, cover pipes and the cylinder with caps, take off gas cylinders and keep in the shade.
  • Inside the caravan – Clean the fridge and air it out making sure it is dry and leave it open while in storage to let air circulate. Use blinds and curtains to protect the interior. Take out all cushions and pillows and leave doors open so insects and pests do not decide to nest. Make sure roof lights and windows are sealed so no water gets in. Give it all a deep clean.


It’s a not easy finding the right sort of storage option for your caravan and while many claim to provide the best storage option for caravans it really comes down to what you need. Some facility providers provide storage options in open grounds in Perth that are located on the outskirts of the city. Some facility providers have storage options well within the city limits but those options could be tad expensive.

If you are looking for options that suit your specific needs then it’s best that you inspect the facility once. Once you have done the inspection you can make a more informed decision. This will also help you gain knowledge about the difference caravan storage facilities in and around the city of Perth. So the next time you need storage for your caravan you know where exactly you can find that.

There are many local directories that can aid your search for caravan storage options. There are local directories, check the newspaper for classified and also check the leading online classifieds in Australia and in particular Perth to find out about storage options for caravans.