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How to Save Time & Money by Using Packing Services in Melbourne

Moving or renovating is a big project. Oftentimes, you have to temporarily store your belongings. Packing the stuff snugly before storage is crucial.

Packing things takes time, though. Especially when you’re prepping your stuff for storage.

A lot of detail goes into the process. You have to consider which stuff can be loosely stored inside a box or packed tightly with bubble wrap.

This is why packing is time-consuming. Not all people have a huge chunk of free time to do it. So, it is best to call a professional to get the job done quickly.

What can a Melbourne packing service professional do?

How a Professional Packing Service Save Your Time

Packing takes a long time. You will involuntarily be up all night wrapping bubble wrap and boxing items.

Hiring a professional can speed up your packing efforts significantly. Professional packers are usually accredited removalists. They will come to you with a truck and packing materials.

Removalists with accreditation have years of packing experience under their belt. They will also have packing tips and tricks up their sleeve to speed up the process.

This is how they usually operate;

● Assessment

Two professional packers will come to your premises with packing materials. Once there, they will assess your belongings and catalogue them.

They will separate furniture, everyday objects, and fragile items into different categories. After all the items are accounted for, they will decide what objects need more protective layers.

● Packing

Stuff like clothes, books, files, and shoes are not considered fragile. Therefore, they will be fitted snugly into boxes.

Plates, glasses, and other glassware will be layered with bubble wrap and stuffed with packing papers. This is to absorb the shock when the glass hits each other.

Gadgets and electronic items cannot be stuffed into boxes, so they will be wrapped in furniture blankets. These blankets protect their screens and prevent cracks.

● Disassembling

For secure furniture storage, larger furniture will be disassembled. This usually applies to large tables, bed frames, and bookcases. With smaller pieces to manage, the removalists can easily transport them.

Other furniture that cannot be disassembled will be secured with tie-down ropes.

● Loading and Storage

After all the items are packed and secured, the packer will load all of your items inside the truck. You can request for them to take your belongings straight to your new place.

The removalists will finish packing and loading all your items in under two days. With their professional expertise, you won’t have to alter your schedule too much.

Moreover, all removalists offer end-to-end services for their clients. They will pack your belongings and then load them into a storage container.

That storage container is like a moving warehouse. Once all the items are loaded, the container will be transported to a storage facility. Your things won’t be unloaded from the container into a storage space.

Instead, the container will act as the storage space. It will be detached from the truck and put inside a secure storage facility.

This complete end-to-end service saves you a lot of time and hassle.

How Packing Service Helps You Save Money

Packing and storage are expensive. You have to rent a truck, hire a helper, and buy packing materials. With a professional packing service, all that will be provided for you.

The two removalists will come with a truck. They work together in a pair, so no extra fees for a helper.

Furthermore, the truck they brought with them is part of the service package. Therefore, you pay for professional packers and a truck at once.

Packing materials are also provided. The usual packing materials are;

  • Boxes,
  • Bubble wrap
  • Furniture blankets
  • Tie-downs

All of them are included in the service and are ready to use once they arrive at your premises. Hence, you won’t need to buy them beforehand.

Keep in mind that some removalist companies will charge you for packing materials. Added together, they are expensive enough to make a dent in your budget.

However, they will be provided free of charge if you choose an industry leader. With truck, helper, and packing materials fees out of the way, you can worry less about your budget.


Packing things for storage is stressful for most people. However, professional packing services can help speed up the process hassle-free.

Professional removalists will come with a truck and packing materials. They will then catalogue, pack, and load your things in under two days.

Moreover, they can store and deliver your belongings to the intended destination. Therefore, you won’t have to rent a truck and drive all over Melbourne.

Hiring professional packing services is beneficial for your budget as well. Two removalists will work together, so there is no helper fee for you to pay.

Furthermore,  a truck and free packing materials are also included inside the package. Hence, you won’t need to pay them separately and save money.

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